Artist Statement

My name is Gitte Lykke (previously Lacarriere) and I am a Danish artist working with sustainable materials, creating unique mixed media artwork under the name MANGT.

Paper is my preferred medium, and collage art is what I create. I combine paper with thread, paint, pencil, ink etc., and I work from my studio MANGT MOODSTORE in Nørresundby, Denmark. I sell my artwork through my website, and at exhibitions.

I mainly depict decisive but psychologically bruised women, with the intention to give power, inspiration and motivation to the observer – inspired by my own story.

My creative process is very intuitive and personal, and the artwork I produce is a reflection of emotions, scars, and lessons learned in life. 

Women are often the subject in my art, with their thoughts, emotions and their stories. I create these women to bring awareness to the fact, that bumps in life are always steppingstones in the right direction. I work on either canvas or on paper.

I am evolving my art every day, getting deeper into the process and  the understanding of it. As well as learning new techniques and expanding my artistic network.