My name is Gitte Lykke (previously Lacarriere), I am an artist working with sustainable materials creating unique mixed media artwork. Paper is my preferred medium, and collageart is what I create. I work from my studio MANGT MOODSTORE in Nørresundby, Denmark.

My creative process is very intuitive and personal, and the artwork I produce is a reflection of emotions, and lessons learned in life. It is no coincidence that I work with used paper, as I have all my life had a passion for recycled materials, both in my work as an interior designer, in my workshops, in my wardrobe and in my home.

Originally I have a BA in Interior Design & technology with Fine Arts which I gained in London in 2002, since then I have been self-employed as an interior designer, stylist and designer. My artistic journey began in 2016, after I had breast cancer. I am 45 years old.

I am fascinated by life, how it can shake you to the bone, how it can make you cry with happiness and how it is possible to change it for the better, every day.

See more of my work and the artistic process on instagram. ,my site for interior design work is

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Summer 2019 Summerexhibition, Galleri Munken, Løkken, Denmark

From April 2019 Cooperation and exhibition at The Lighthouse, Denmark

From December 2018 Cooperation and exhibition at Restaurant SvalegaardenMest, Aalborg, Denmark

From August 2019 exhibition at Brødrene Sørensen, Aalborg, Denmark